Workman Ayer 2014 Defacto Syrah Blend Santa Barbara County $38 92 pts.

The Workman Ayer de facto is 90% Syrah and 10% Grenache

Beautiful fresh plum on the nose with hints of caramel and a bit of herbal aroma. There’s some stewed fruit aroma too and anise coming through.  There’s decent acid on the palate.  This is a Syrah that leans more Southern Rhone than Northern Rhone. I’d love to see just a little lower alcohol to perhaps bring out a bit more complexity but that’s more of a personal taste. In its current state it’s a crowd-pleasing Syrah that’s not over-oaked or overblown.

Workman Ayer is the project of Michel Ayer and his wife whose last name is Workman. Michel started off in the wine business out of college and spend a few years in Napa working at wineries. He then decided to go to law school, while always keeping the idea of a winery in the back of his mind. He made his first vintage in 2010.

All the wines are made in the town of Buellton in an industrial space. The Grenache for the blend comes from Thompson Vineyard in Los Alamos. I’d love to know the location of the Syrah vineyards but Ayer says that due to non-disclosure agreements the exact location of the vineyards can’t be revealed.

This wine was provided as a sample for the purposes of review. 

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