Gramercy Cellars 2012 Columbia Valley Syrah

Gramercy Cellars

(Big Syrah bottles make for big scratches from the wine fridge rack.) 

It’s all fresh, sweet fruit on first opening. Some rose petal, soy sauce, graphite there in the background and although not exactly a fruit bomb, this wine has a fruit character that jumps out of the glass and definitely separates it from the savory Syrahs of the Northern Rhone. It’s delicious though, there’s a sense of balance on the palate that makes the wine feel full and light at the same time.

Day two: The wine is still fruity but there’s an interesting meaty character coming through that I really like. It’s a beautiful wine and on day two doesn’t actually taste much different than day one and that’s not a bad thing.

Gramercy Cellars is the brain child of Greg and Pam Harrington who gave up their city life in New York to make wines in Walla Walla, Washington. As you’d imagine, if you’ve ever been to Eastern Washington, that involved quite a bit of culture shock. The move paid off though, as Gramercy Cellars enjoys a reputation as one of the better wineries in Washington state and is renowned for making some of its best Syrah.

The Columbia Valley Syrah is a new blend for Gramercy Cellars. At $40, it’s the least expensive of their Syrahs. It combines four vineyards, Minick, Olsen, SJR, and Stony Vine. It’s all neutral oak aged and comes in at 13.7% abv.

While this wine isn’t totally my style of Syrah, I can see why people fall for it. It has a delicious factor that can’t be denied. And its lack of new oak and judicious alcohol level allows that delectable fresh fruit character to fully express itself.

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