The Mullineux 2010 Syrah South Africa $30


I’ve been hearing about Mullineux Syrah, one of the premier makers of Syrah in South Africa, for quite a while. They are minimalistic in their winemaking practices and therefore have a bit of cache with the natural wine-making set. So far (as I continue my worldwide Syrah education) I think that South African Syrahs can be quite delicious, not exactly on par with the complexity of the Northern Rhone Syrahs  but with lots of fresh fruit when made in a style that de-emphasizes the oak.

Nice acid, a bright mid-palate and finish.  Not exactly shockingly complex but just a beautifully textured and elegant Syrah. Strawberry, sweet plum and tobacco on the nose. Really impressive Syrah to have been made in a warmer climate. Very balanced on the finish with not-too much tannin. Very little oak present on the wine.

Definitely a wine to seek out for Syrah heads.


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