Von Holt 2009 Bennett Valley Connell Vineyard Syrah

von holt bennett valley

I’ve written about Von Holt before and just to give a quick reminder, they are a husband and wife team who live in San Carlos and along with their winemaker John Fones make cool-climate style wines from Northern California.  I was intrigued by this Bennett Valley Syrah as I’ve had some spectacular Syrahs from there recently.

First, this wine has a bit of oak that comes off on the nose.  It blows off a bit after a while which actually surprised me because it seems like oak almost never dissipates.  A little time open on the counter did wonders for allowing the character of this wine to show up — and show off.  The most present aroma I got right off the bat is not something that one normally gets on California Syrah and for some might be a turn off: aromas of celery and pepper.  Yes, not exactly a home run for most California wine drinkers but for me, those aromas have a direct connection to the Northern Rhone wines that I love.  There’s also some dark cherry aromas.  On the palate this wine is not too rich with a good amount of acid, and on the finish there’s a nice bite of tannin and acidity.

This is good stuff and worth seeking out.


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