2009 Bullnose Syrah Te MATA Estate, Hawkes Bay New Zealand $32


Continuing my latest interest in New Zealand Syrah I opened up another wine that I’ve been hearing a lot about.  Possibly the coolest name of any wine, the Bullnose is unfortunately a little bit on the oak-y side for my palate and I can’t help wishing that they’d have let the fruit shine through a little more.  I can tell there’s pure fruit there, but it’s masked by overpowering oak-y aromas.  It’s a bigger, richer style wine than the Fromm (previous post) and less my style because of that.  I’m getting black olive and fruit compote aromas that are somewhat intriguing, but again, the oak is just a tad too much for my palate.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a jammy, new world Syrah, it’s got an old world flair to it: there’s good acidity and pepper on the back end and this is definitely an example of vineyards with great potential that, in my opinion, just need to speak more for themselves.

Te Mata was established in 1896 so this is one of the older houses in New Zealand.  The current owners purchased the vineyards in the late ‘70s and began a twenty-year project of renovating the grounds of the winery and the estate vineyards surrounding it.  The current vineyards are farmed sustainably.  It’s definitely a winery that I want to follow, but unfortunately this effort is not quite my cup of tea or my glass of wine.


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