Fromm La Strada Syrah 2010


Although I’ve had a fair amount of Syrah from New Zealand, I think this is only the second one for the blog.  I have to credit fellow Syrah enthusiast Ryan Woodhouse from K & L Wines in Redwood City, CA for pushing me to try more New Zealand Syrah and also to write about them more.

The Fromm La Strada has wonderful meaty aromas characteristic of cool-climate Syrah.  There’s graphite on the nose too, and black olive, tons of minerality and this pure blackberry fruit.  There’s also a tad bit of funk that meshes well with the other flavors.  The mid-palate is full yet there’s a persistent elegance too, and the finish has that classic lift of acidity that I love so much in cool-climate wines.  I’m surprised that this wine is 14% alcohol because I get no hints of alcohol.  Although the winery believes that this is a wine that will peak in 2 to 3 years, I see the acidity in this wine allowing it to last for much longer.  I’d love to put one down for a decade or so to see how it tastes then.  The fact that I’m even considering this with a wine that’s only $20 shows you how good I think it is.

This is definitely an epiphany wine for me and New Zealand Syrah. As a friend of mine who’s living there told me recently, “Dude, all the wines are cool-climate here! You’ve got to try more!”  And as long as I can find them, I will do just that.


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